Hurricane Irma Update from Alabama! Rodman Weather

Hurricane Irma Update from Alabama! Rodman WeatherThere is indeed too much hype in hurricane coverage. 24/7 of putting hysterical fear into the souls of so many women that their husbands have to hide in the garage with no TV to get away from it. And even then comes the screaming in the garage door that we are all as good as dead and everyone is going to die and so on and so forth.

Sure I understand that The Media has a job to do, to relentlessly pound into the want of brain that they best skedaddle. Though only a video of the track and a crawl that it will soon be very windy, very rainy and very floody is needed for the rest of us to take note of and act. Lowest common denominator. And of course the 10% who fk everything up for the rest of us in most all things.

The unrelenting weather hype also gives the FAKE MEDIA crowd sustenance.

Is it ever as bad as they say it is going to be?