I stepped in Dog Poop music Video, Chris Wauben

I love dog poopThis is a great personal music video for me as I am a great and grand defender of dog poop. My argument is that I can no longer go to the beach and throw a stick in the water. I cannot go in front of my house and throw a ball for my dog.  I cannot go to any park other than a dog park and throw a ball or a stick. I cannot let my dog play basketball with the kids in the driveway. I cannot take my dog the 15 feet to the car without a leash.

And that is the issue. There is no possibility of throwing a ball or a stick for a dog on a leash. And even a dog not on a leash in your own yard is “dog at large.”  These laws which are now standard across the nation are often said to be about pitbulls, rottweilers and the poison in dog poop crippling and killing our children. But that is all beyond rare, no, the real impetus is potential dog poops. Not after the fact poop but potential poops. The fear of a coming poop.

Neighbors at war, threats to shoot the dog that poops on your lawn.

While complaining about that dog who pooped on your front lawn or on that 10 mile stretch of beach, there is a woman in a burka with a stick poking around in a pile of ruble looking for the dismembered arms, legs and heads of her children.  Get a grip.