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Infowars, Alex Jones and Joe Arpaio prove absolutely Obama’s birth certificate a forgery!

Infowars, Alex Jones and Joe Arpaio prove absolutely Obama's birth certificate a forgery!

. Needless to say, Donny Little Dick has appeared on his “good friend” Alex Jones’ INFOWARS many times playing into one conspiracy theory after another. He has also been arm in arm with his “good friend” Sheriff Joe Arpaio almost as many times. This is just a one day taste of what we are up against. This is not just crazyass conspiracy nitwits, this is the next President of the United States.

Published on Dec 22, 2016 – The evidence is conclusive. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forged document. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse holds an urgent press conference revealing forensic evidence that proves once and for all that Donald Trump was right about Obama’s birth certificate. The document is a fraud. Share this video with those who refuse to accept the undeniable evidence that Barack Obama is a Ghost President.
I read recently from Paul Krugman that this Donny Little Dick business just gets worse every day. I have to disagree, it just keeps getting worse every hour.
Try as I might to find something positive coming from any of this I can only come up with two things.
Those who did not vote last November have now learned their lesson and next time it will be a different story. And even that with Republican gerrymandering and suppressing the vote is not even a sure thing.
And the hope that with total control Republicans will step too far and come a backlash to send them all back to Hell from whence the came.

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