Is the Trump White House HIGH ? – Keith Olbermann

Is the Trump White House HIGH ? - Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann wonders whether Trump’s White House is high – or what? After viewing the ignorance on display from Trump appointees and voters, it is impossible to believe that their minds are untouched by drugs – or perhaps by a form of madness?

What follows is a cornucopia of idiocy from the highest office in the land, to the lowliest of voters. Most of the goofs and gaffes are laughable – or would be, if they originated somewhere – anywhere, else.   For instance, fully 51% of Trump voters polled, say the Bowling Green Massacre shows we need Donald Trump’s ban on immigration, and 25% aren’t sure.  The Bowling Green Massacre took place in the unscrupulous mind of Kellyanne Conway.

Bill Maher impressed Keith with the statistic that most of the Trump voting states also have the highest number of opiate related problems.  I think this is an easy answer, and I’m certain that Bill Maher is reacting to the gosh darned unfairness of pot being treated as an illegal drug, as it is in the state where he resides.
Many Trump voters are abstinent, some are alcohol enthusiasts and others…yes Bill, smoke pot. It’s just possible that some people are just stupid, hateful and vindictive.  The question isn’t what are they on, it’s how did they get to be in charge of everything?