It’s Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending

It's Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending

As Robert Mueller’s indictments knock the first of Trump’s campaign accomplices over like chatty dominoes, this amazing video has gone viral – yet again. First released in August, by YouTube creator 1oneclone, the digital coup is undeniably prescient. Set to the song From To Russia with Love, the creator calls it a “play on the Daredevil Season 1-ending montage.”

1oneclone: This is for all those out there who cannot wait for the season ending of the gripping dumpster fire of a political shit show that is the current US administration.
This video is dedicated to the Steele, the Washington Post, the New York Times, our homey Comey, the daily Colbert monologues and of course the Mueller himself, all those that make this current darkest timeline livable until it collapses back unto itself.