Ivanka and Jared make a selfie & the horror of rurality, FOD

Ivanka and Jared make a selfie & the horror of rurality, FOD“It’s not Tuesday! [don’t kiss me]!” My heart goes out to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who were both born into billions and now are only a few hundred million dollar short of being billionaires themselves, though together they to surpass the billionaire threshold. Ivanka and Jared like most who support them, know the pain of not being able to come up with the rent or making that choice between the electricity bill and NRA dues, and like both their fathers are in touch with the common people. The all understand that growing up to be a coal miner. Which is what the majority of white common Americans choose to believe.
Which in turn points to one of America’s new central themes pointed out so well by Kellyanne Conway.

No matter it be alternative facts, fake news, wrong or crazy, it is what the President believes, which makes it okay.

Which brings to mind something I never realized until the recent Trumping of America. Through the years I have always been amazed at how well Ronco, Ktel, QVT and TV preachers do selling all that silly crap, I did not realize until our year of Trump that their success comes from American Rurality. You know, as opposed to reality itself. Ah another new word. White Rurality, a kinder gentler phrase for our great divide.


For American to survive every rural child must pack up and leave town when they are 18 to move to the great cultural, intellectual and cosmopolitan cities of Omaha, Tulsa, Wichita, Amarillo and Macon.