Ivanka Trump Profiting Hugely from Daddy’s White House Gig – The View video

Ivanka Trump Profiting Hugely from Daddy's White House Gig - The View video

Is Ivanka Trump laughing all the way to the bank thanks to her place in daddy’s White House? You damn skippy betcha she is!  A lively discussion on ‘The View’ was prompted when Ivanka received full monopoly rights to sell her brand in China over dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Oh, did I mention the guest of honor was the President of China? Life is just full of coincidences for the most entitled family! There was something magical about the chocolate cake that night, we’re told.

It is no secret that Donald Trump meets with leaders of countries in which he has active business interests, all the while conducting personal business on our dime, and while acting in the role of President.

For some mysterious reason, the Trump clan, who claim to be billionaires, cannot suspend business activities for just four lousy years, while they devote their time and attention to public service. The Trump’s blatant disregard of what I understand to be laws about this sort of thing, isn’t surprising. Nor is it shocking that Trump disregards nepotism taboos and has horrendous manners. The head-scratcher is, why is no one taking action of any kind to rein Trump in?  Poor people owing less than $100. are hounded by process servers and thugs making collection calls. People driving while black are beaten senseless as a form of ‘interrogation.’ Couldn’t someone at least have a word or two with Trump? The words ’emoluments clause’ and ‘conflict of interest’ would be a good place to start.

Try to imagine Hillary Clinton running a clothing line or a hotel chain out of the Oval Office.
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