Ivanka Trump’s Excellent Father’s Day Advice from Chelsea Handler

Ivanka Trump's Excellent Father's Day Advice from Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has a lot of experience dealing with a crazy father who is very much like Ivanka Trump’s father. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, Chelsea shares her own hard won advice. Ivanka was to be the progressive voice of reason, the rational and beloved advisor to moderate Trump’s crazy impulses..But didn’t work out quite that way.

Chelsea wants to help with Ivanka’s ‘dementia -ridden, fat father problem.’ He will be far happier in a place where wandering the halls in one’s robe is de rigeur, and muttering at the news is expected as well. If Ivanka cannot see the wisdom of moving daddy to a happier address for all concerned; ‘she will have to climb down off of daddy’s lap, strap on her discontinued heels and stand up for something she believes in!’

That is Chelsea’s inspirational conclusion, but why Ivanka would bother with such advice? She’s done very well for herself in Round One of the Oval Office Debacle. The Saudis filled her bank account, and the Chinese gave her great good encouragement – which after all, is a big win –  shared with all  ‘women who work!’