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James Wood fired by agent for being a dick

Contrary to public opinion, right-wing actor James Wood has had work over the past few years, as a Twitter Troll. Not much money in that I would guess his agent realized.

Good for his agent to understand what patriotism is. Which is not hugging flags for the camera, or waving them from a pickup truck or wearing clothing made of them but to promote the general welfare. Notice it says general, not wealthy, or white, or Republican, general.

James Wood is like Trump in suing lots of people he doesn’t like, has an ego far bigger than either his celebrity or resume and has not a few women accusing him of sexual harassment who he says are all liars and stalkers.

And like Roseanne Barr, he pushes the Alex Jones conspiracy that Jewish Holocaust victim George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer. Oh and an advocate of nuclear annihilation of Muslims. He is also a pro life Catholic who hates Pope Frances. Maybe Trump finds out about this he will name James Wood to the Supreme Court, or maybe Chief of Staff?

Hemingway, more of this, confront confront confront.  With words, straw wrappers, dinner rolls and perhaps even a pie here and there.

Talent Agent Drops Conservative James Woods as Client By E-mail: ‘It’s The 4th of July and I’m Feeling Patriotic’

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