Do Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek’s Loopy Bizarre Answers Mean He’s Losing It? Conan O’Brien

Do Jeoparty Host Alex Trebeck's Loopy Bizarre Answers Mean He's Losing It? Conan O'Brien Worries About Trebeck's Sanity!

I hope you know by now  that hate to spread show business gossip even more than Conan O’Brien likes to create it. Based on several random shows compiled here, I think you’ll agree that perhaps Alex Trebek has suffered irreparable damage from years of flashing lights and high stakes questions. It must be stressful always appearing to be the smartest man in the room…Every living room in America!

Trebek  may not really be the man who knows everything, but he’s still the man who holds all the cards – which means that either Conan is right and Trebek is losing it, or Trebek is bored and just messing with us. Of course there’s a third alternative, but Conan would never do that to us…And to Trebek, or would he?