Jesus rode the Dinosaurs & Barry Manilow

Jesus rode the Dinosaurs & Barry Manilow“People don’t know this but Jesus Christ actually road a Triceratops to the wedding at Galilee.”

Just one of the many dinosaurs that Jesus road in his lifetime, he even flew on Pterosaurs. Perhaps that is how he got to Heaven next Sunday? You know like Mohammad got to Heaven on a flying horse. See, it all connects.

What is important in all this is that The Media must give all this equal time. For as we know since the Age of Donald is that if you actually believe something then it’s real and true.

I hope you are all aware that Barry Manilow has always been the second coming of Jesus Christ, for like Jesus he says he is the one who makes the whole world sing. And he looks like him too!

Double your flavor double your fun with doublemint doublement Doublemint gum.

Where could that come from other than God himself?