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Jim Crow alive and well in the GOP, Day cartoon

jim crow cartoon

Jim Crow is alive and well in the GOP.  Voting Rights act repealed, voter suppression in all the GOP held states, and now with the Zimmerman acquittal,  what for 20 years I have been screeching about WHAT THE GUNS ARE FOR.

There is little if anything that can be done about the inherent racism in America or the Republican Party other than them just slowly dying off.. This nation was founded upon it, we suffered out greatest war over it and the  GOP embraced it through their Southern Strategy playing on the backlash of the Civil Rights movement.

But with a Newton Massacre going on EVERYDAY in this country, something can be done about the guns. It is not only the 35 deaths a day from people shooting each other, but another 50 a day to suicides – add another 50 a day to the 35 a day. To that over 85 gun deaths a day, A DAY, add another 120 or more wounded each day which we pay for in emergency care.  200 Americans are shot everyday not by terrorists, but by other Americans. Terrorists have killed 3000 Americans since 2001. Americans have killed almost half a million Americans since 2001.


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