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Jim Jefferies, Trophy hunters are cnts, but not duck hunters!

Be sure to watch to the end when Jim Jefferies gets to house cats.  But…

I have been a duck hunter my whole life until about ten years ago.

Duck hunting involves the greatest skills of any kind of hunting.

You have to know how to fix and outboard motor in the boat.

You have to find the best spot in the dark that has the wind at your back.

You need to know how to best position a couple dozen decoys at the right distance in front of you.

You have to time it right to be in your spot with decoys by shooting time which is 30 minutes before shooting time.

You have to know what the best shot size is for the ducks you are after.

You have to learn to call in ducks with a duck call.

If you get them interested you have to duck down and not move a muscle.

And when they come in range, 50 yards, they are often going about 60mph zigzagging in the air.

You only have three shots.

One thing I feel obligated to say is that no animal hunted, including ducks, taste better than what we can buy in the store for far less cost. When I first moved to Texas I thought maybe there was one, wild pigs. But I soon found that the wild ones have no fat on them and taste like rubber.

On the other hand, fishing and getting a grouper, a red snapper, a flounder, a perch or a walleye you have fresh fish better than anything you can find at the store.

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