Jim Morin Cartoon Animation: "Benghazi" Al Qaida LOVES FOX Nooz

Jim Morin of Miami Herald animated cartoon 'Benghazi': Fox attacks on Obama over Benghazi best thing to happen to Al Qaida
Do you hear what I hear?  It's a  cacophony of noise from FauxSnooze! They're all in harness and pulling the  Benghazigate sleigh,while sowing distraction and in-fightin

g between the two political parties! If only President Obama had dirt they could dig up in his past, they would never have jumped aboard this losing train…But here we are, and they are determined to see it through.  As the 'official media arm of the Republican Party' they are uniquely equipped to keep it going.  Don't despair, it's an ill wind which blows no good, and while we may tire of their wailing, someone appreciates their efforts no end! In fact, this year Fox will add 'Official media arm and suicide Truth bombers for Al Qaida' to their list of official titles. It's good to be appreciated!