Jimmy Kimmel, , even a Hunk like Garrison Keillor can fall

Jimmy Kimmel, Garrison Keillor, even a Hunk can fall Who’s next? Pope Francis? But hey, no late night hosts!  Yet…  And if they do manage to get Al Franken to resign, what to do about the same thing with George Herbert Bush? What can we do to an old man in a wheelchair?  Well I suppose we could take his wheelchair away and have Barbra just drag him from place to place. And Joe Barton who did no sexual harassment at all. I fear this is all going a bit too far as any zero tolerance policy bodes trouble, unintended consequences and a backlash. I can’t seem to shake reminders of Salem and that Day Care fiasco. But if all these men are forced to resign I cannot imagine any reason for Donald Trump not having to resign too. So it could be worth it.