Jimmy Kimmel Opens New Trump Swag – Real Items

Jimmy Kimmel Opens New Trump Swag Pack - Genuine Items!

Jimmy Kimmel signed up for a monthly club from Donald Trump. The club operates much like the Fruit of the Month Club. Imagine your excitement when the mailman delivers the latest handpicked bundles of exclusive and official Donald J. Trump merchandise. It’s a steal at only $49. per month…The three plastic Solo cups alone, will be rare collector’s items one day.

There is another very special product from Trump that is too valuable to put into a $50 box.  Perhaps you’ve seen the “Trumpy Bear?” You’ll be surprised at the wide range of people who proudly carry their Trumpy Bear wherever they go. When they’re all tuckered out, they  unzip the bear’s back, and take out a flag blanket, and curl up to enjoy patriotic dreams.  I wonder if Trumpy is made in China?

One more item was inspired by Trumpy Bear, but the Mooch left so abruptly that the Scaramucci Poochie barely hit the market. Look for him in clearance bins, and whatever you do – don’t unzip his back, this is a talking dog!