Jimmy Kimmel: Romney Campaign ad, Let them eat Lobster

Jimmy Kimmel You know… This serendipitous 47% video of Mitt Romney was THE election game changer.  It has been quite some time since this happened in a presidential election.  Last I recall was in 1988 when Michael Dukakis was about 17 points ahead of George H. Bush.  A picture of him in an Army tank looking just like SNOOPY knocked about 10 points off, and then in the first debate he choked on the WHAT IF YOUR WIFE WAS RAPED question which lost him another 10 points. My point being… It aint over until it’s over.

One fun aspect of the coming evening of November 7th…  With the Eastern time zone closing voting booths in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia – we here in the Central time zone will probably be able to get to bed by 7:30pm or so.