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Jimmy Kimmel – ‘Stabber Ben’ Carson’s Weird Art Collection


Jimmy Kimmel -  'Stabber Ben'  Carson's Weird Art Collection

Jimmy Kimmel reports that Ben Carson’s home is “a scrapbook with a roof” because  his walls are covered with clippings, honorary degrees and photos of himself with celebrities and dignitaries, as well as a special portrait of Carson with Jesus Christ.

Jimmy thought it would be fun to see if people could tell the difference between which items shown really hang in Carson’s home, and which ones they made up. Jimmy also shows a brief clip from the TV movie of Carson’s life, which could be called “Saved By the Belt” in which Carson’s evil temper takes over and he stabs a boy in the abdomen, but is foiled by a sturdy belt buckle.

If you look closely at the robe Jesus is wearing, it appears that the artist misunderstood what Carson meant when he directed him to paint ‘Jesus wearing a white robe.’  Carson is wearing his white office coat in the portrait, which leads me to speculate that perhaps the dynamic duo once hung in Carson’s office to reassure patients…If that sort of thing reassures people, and Carson’s appeal to the conservative base is mysterious if you don’t understand how they think.

Donald Trump wondered aloud this week, why Carson wants to claim all of that evil history. I think there is  good reason why Carson  lost his monotone when the media claimed he wasn’t a homicidal maniac. Carson said of himself “I had a pathological temper as a child.”
The more bad-ass you were pre-salvation, the more impressive your testimony. It’s clearly miraculous that you are here today inspiring people instead of dead or rotting in prison, breaking your poor mama’s heart. .You are clearly being led by God, and you can lead this nation without knowing a thing about it.  A dramatic salvation also entitles you to one free portrait session with Jesus Fernandez painted by his brother Larry.

The only way Carson could get more popular is to have actually killed someone – on purpose. Trump had better figure it out. The only chance He has against Carson is to  get saved in Madison Square Garden.