Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids: Wrestling Better Than Debates

Jimmy Kimmel talks to kids about presidential debates, politics and how wrestling would be much more interesting than debates

Jimmy rounded up a typical cross-section of great kids to form this Presidential debate focus group, and got better answers in many cases than the typical adult ‘Man (or woman) on-the-street’ interviews yield.  Unlike the adult interviews, these kids all knew who was running, and have lively and creative opinions on a wide range of topics, including what they would do with the presidential salary, which is pretty much the same thing as I would do.

When all is said, everyone including Jimmy agrees that debates are boring, and would be a lot more fun if only they’d try a wrestling format instead. Oh…Spoiler alert. They all agree that President Obama could kick some Romney booty!  What can I say? Kids are open and have an instinctive radar which allows them to see behind the smiling facade of phony adults; an instinct which  rely upon rather than Fox News.