Jimmy Kimmel – Trump is a Tornado of Fake News

Jimmy Kimmel - Trump is a Tornado of Fake News

Donald Trump, having done all he can for Puerto Rico, is now devoting full time to stomping out the danger of ‘Fake News.’ Trump’s hostility is primarily aimed at NBC this week. NBC is the network Trump holds responsible for the story that the Secretary of State called Trump ‘a moron.’Ironically, it was only when NBC sought to verify the story that it was revealed that the precise quote is;”Trump is a f*cking moron.” If Trump has his way the Senate Intel Committee will pause in that silly Russian investigation and go after Fake News outlets that give decent, conscientious reporters like Alex Jones a bad name.

As Jimmy suggests: “Donald Trump criticizing fake news is like Hugh Heffner criticizing fake breasts.”

See how Trump stacks up in the truthiness ratings from nonpartisan PolitiFact. They don’t call him Hot Pants for nothin’. Also, the Washington Post kept an excellent record of Trump’s false and true statements in the past 232 days. It soon becomes clear why one of Trump’s first goals is to muzzle the free press…Or “Fake News” as he refers to it.