Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Take on Trump and Rex Tillerson – Funniest Words with Jim Parsons

Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious Take on Trump and Rex Tillerson - Funniest Words with Jim ParsonsJimmy Kimmel’s monologue is jam-packed with national insecurity news; but if Trump’s threats toward North Korea make you nervous, relax and take comfort in the words of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.Speaking as the calm voice of reason, Tillerson assures Americans that we have every reason to sleep well at night. If you don’t recognize Tillerson, he’s the man wearing the mask, continually circling safely above the earth in a jet.

Just in!  The snowflake in chief receives a folder twice a day, filled with only positive mentions, articles,  pages of tweets that are printed out for him, and photos of himself!  Let me take this opportunity once again, to say ‘Thanks Republicans.’ One valuable staffer is charged with compiling the data, and  possibly fleshing it out with a bit of creative writing when 40-60 pages of ‘YAY ME’ is hard to find each day. Additionally, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are said to have compete to  deliver the folder to the naked Emperor  Hey… where are those guys?

Jimmy talks about Paul Manafort’s early morning wake-up call from the FBI and much more!

In the U.K. scientists compiled the data and determined that ‘booty’ is the funniest word in the entire English language. Perhaps the British accent is the key factor, because Americans polled, disagreed with the study. Jimmy compiled a list of the actual funniest words and invited Emmy-award winning actor Jim Parsons to help present them.Do you think there are any goodies they’ve missed?