John Oliver Addresses Angela Merkel and Trump’s Handshake – AWKWARD

John Oliver Addresses Angela Merkel and Trump's Handshake - AWKWARD John Oliver observes that Donald Trump’s golden opportunity to smooth things over with Angela Merkel, and practice diplomacy this week did not go well, unless his goal is to alienate any and all countries who were allies during Obama’s presidency. Meeting someone face to face after talking so much ignorant smack about her should be humiliating. America’s golden azzhat¬† raised the ante by staring into space,apparently catatonic when approximately 1200 people urged him to shake hands with Merkel. Graciously, the Chancellor too offered to shake his hand. John speaks for most of us when he yells:”OH SHAKE HER HAND YOU WEIRD WEIRD MAN! It’s not often you can genuinely say, Trump really should have touched that woman. ” Add one more person to the number who miss Obama very, very much. For that matter, she would probably put up with Dubya’s inappropriate neck rubs instead of this..Whatever it is.

The wiretapping story went further afield, when Trump accused British intelligence of aiding President Obama in tapping his microwave, bidet or toaster. The British are not amused, nor will it blow over. I’m doubtful that they will take Trump’s advice to “talk to FOX” because it’s not his fault that he repeated the story.
It would be appropriate to just face palm here.