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John Oliver, Donald Trump moron or fking moron?

John Oliver, Donald Trump moron or fking moron?John Oliver reviews the week’s news with a hard smack on sexist Harvey Weinstein. As has every late night show including CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT’s and all of social media.

I mention that because Fox News and the GOP talking point of the week has been The Media has not mentioned liberal Harvey Weinstein when they ripped apart Bill O’Reilly.

Fake news at it’s best. Or is that worst? No matter, The Donald bragged the other day that he invented Fake News.  Well about time he told the truth about something.

Well, come to think of it was really Grog who invented it when he told his tribe that if they all gave him a nose bone once a week he would see to it they never die.

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