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John Oliver, Immigration Courts are Stupid, Ridiculous and Tragic, But ‘Tot Court’ Rocks!

John Oliver exposes America’s dysfunctional immigration court system, where toddlers are forced to appear in court alone, acting as their own counsel, although that is just one of the truly shocking things that is wrong with the system.

To show how ridiculous it is for kids – or adults to represent themselves in court, John presents  a courtroom television show called “Tot Bench” The judge is four years old, and everyone with the exception of the defendant is under five.  Adults sit hunched over tiny tables, while kids say the darnedest things as they lay down the law.

Of the tot show send-up, Oliver says:
“Is it stupid? Sure, but is it any dumber than how America’s immigration courts are run? Barely.”

I disagree with John. On ‘Tot Bench’ no one is deported to a certain death. The worst that can happen is “jail for a jillian years” and that –  only if you’re really bad.

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