John Oliver on James Comey’s Testimony and America’s Got Talent

John Oliver on James Comey's Testimony and America's Got Talent

John Oliver covers that latest installment of “Stupid Watergate, something with all the potential national shame of Watergate, brought to you by people too stupid to grasp the concept of shame.”

James Comey testified that he has no doubt that he was fired because of the Russian investigation, not because of Trump’s excuse that Comey’s underlings had lost confidence in him. Comey called Trump’s excuses “lies, plain and simple.” Oliver states the obvious – but colorfully, pointing out that none of Trump’s lies are ‘plain and simple.’ “Each is like an Everlasting Gob-Stopper. You’ll never make it through every layer, because it was produced by an insane person who should never be in charge of anything.”

John comments on the bizarre range of reactions to the big event this week; Trump’s, Fox News – and oddly, the Republican Party which continues – despite evidence and good sense,  to have infinite patience with the new guy.

As an added plus, see why audience members at “America’s Got Talent” are the most visibly amazed people on the planet.