John Oliver, Trump will beat Opiods with JUST SAY NO advertising

John Oliver, Trump will beat Opiods with JUST SAY NO advertising“Raise your hands!  Raise your hands!  I promise Donald J Trump that I will never take drugs. I don’t want to say no alcohol, but take it easy on the alcohol.” President Trump to a bunch of kids. Honestly, when I saw the clip on some cable news show which only shows the back of his head, I really thought it was a clip from The President Show.

A Just Say No advertising campaign does nothing to deal with the problem now or in the next five years or so.

The answer to this is easy. This is primarily a problem in Trump country where people have lost hope for the Wall and have little money. The government only pays for addiction help if the place has 16 beds or less making the wait so long that help is untenable. Eliminate that silliness and pay for it in any Hospital or medical center through Medicaid. Neither Trump nor Republicans will ever let that happen.

One good thing is that it means 100 less Trump voters a day for the next election, or 100,000 less votes for Trump. He only won by 78,000 electoral votes so at least the FOUR MORE YEARS thing is no worry.