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John Stewart makes fool of Fox News, Phil Robertson

Merry Goddamn Christmas

duck dynastyTexas has its own little ole duck dynasty with ZZ TOP.

So how much time did Fox News spend defending Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir for being immediately FIRED for their WORDS on MSNBC?  it was right-wing third party activists – who were not queers – that caused that.

You know there is a bigger connection between Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin than just all the guns and blood required to be a good Christian these days.

Martin Bashir got fired for RIGHTLY saying – in a roundabout way – that someone should take a crap in Sarah Palin’s mouth for saying deficit spending is the same as American Slavery. In fact she should have been fired from FOX NEWS for that racist swill. And now we have the Rasputin of Duck Dynasty saying African-Americans were happiest and singing for joy under Jim Crow. It’s the same ignorant racist swill that needs to be addressed strongly every time these ugly Christians spew it.

I have an idea! In keeping with the gist of the Duck Dynasty – dirtball gun fun and Jesus –  have them replace Phil with George Zimmerman. Roll models and folklore heroes for all Christian good gun enthusiasts.

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