Jon Stewart and John Oliver let us know VIACOM SUCKS

First of all be aware than Viacom has removed FULL EPISODES from their COMEDY CENTRAL lineup to try and screw DISH TV into submission. The issue is Viacom is not only raising prices but forcing packages. Thankfully they still are putting up the clips.

VIACOM SUCKS! Why the Hell Direct TV, Comcast and all the rest do not jump on board with DISH TV is beyond me. There is nothing good about VIACOM. They are the police state of the Internet.  The leaders in Internet censorship. Using ONE SECOND of any of their material means your  content and your account at wherever will be removed, often with threats of fines and jail. Tens of millions of homemade YouTube videos have been axed by Viacom, most of them political, because of some instance of using a background song or tiny video clip within them. They are behind the FINGERPRINTING that finds these trivial instances. And when a YouTube of yours is taken down, there is NO RECOURSE. And if you do it a few times even by mistake, your account is blackballed FOREVER, again with NO RECOURSE, FOREVER. Do not be fooled by their crap ads flooding the net this week. They are bastards which both Stewart and Colbert know full well but can only go so far. Someone outside has to weigh on them HARD.