Jon Stewart and the Republican Attack on the NEA and Tucker Carlson

Make sure you watch this video until the end to see public school children sing a far more hitlerian song to President George W and First Lady Laura Bush. A song not only adoringly politicizing them both, but about the success of how the President dealt with Katrina no less!  Gosh… 

Republicans are on a roll after so successfully demonizing and perhaps destroying ACORN – the African American community organization (codewords for uppity Negros) advocate for the poor. After all, the poor are the cause of poverty. ACORN, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for Dummies

So now the Republicans and their gang of wingnuts at Fox News are going after the nations premier advocate for the arts – the NEA (this is the National Endowment for the Arts not to be confused with the other NEA, the National Education Association which Republicans hate even more]. After all, artists stopped doing only GOD after the Renaissance and teachers stopped doing GOD in public schools in the 60′s, both groups have been nothing but trouble for Republicans ever since.

Remember that greatest of human rights violations in China in the Seventies called the Cultural Revolution? Remember who they put in dunce hats and paraded through the streets taking them to jail and re education camps? Teachers and artists… Hmmm…. 

Republicans want an immediate investigation of this song by 1st graders which took place to no complaints after President Obama’s Inauguration as the first African American President. Republicans want to punish those who politicized our government schools! Of course as with so much Wingnut crap of late, this claim is absurdly Beckian in nature as the song and the lyrics were sent to the parents of the kids which all approved. So no one was forced to do anything by anyone… At all.

On the other hand, the very Republicans screeching for this investigation said investigating the Justice Department for  politicizing our entire system of law, and investigating the CIA for torture which destroyed our reputation abroad, ARE WITCH HUNTS. 

And of course the coup de grace of this video.

In 2004 Jon Stewart appeared on CNN Crossfire to decry the back and forth angst. The show was then hosted by Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. After Stewart and Carlson went at each other for a time Carlson quipped, "I think you’re more fun on your show." Jon Stewart closed the show, Tucker’s careeer and subsequently Crossfire itself by replying, "You know what’s interesting though? You’re as big a dick on your show as you are on any show." Transcript of the Carlson/Stewart Crossfire

Stewart on Tucker Carlson today, "That twit who has run out of 24 hour news outlets to appear on."

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