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Jon Stewart, Blood for no Oil, China wins the Iraq War

blood for no oilRemember when we heard from VP Cheney that the war in Iraq would be paid in full with Iraqi Oil?  Well that never panned out. It paid nothing, all we got from that Stupid Party war was another trillion dollars in debt.  And of course not to forget there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. And now we find out Iraq gave the big dollar contracts to China instead of US and who is getting their oil?  China.  So we fought a war for 9 years for no reason AT ALL.

Sure the GOP is The Stupid Party, TSP, but they are also the Party of Lies, POL,  The Asshole Party, TAP, and of course the Angry White Male Party, AWMP. Add that up and you get.. TSPPOLTAPAWMP. Which is pronounced, phis-pol-tapa-wap. An American Indian name meaning Man who pees in Teepee.

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