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Jon Stewart: Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, a Celebration of Bigotry and Religious Intolernce

Well said. In the long run Gay men and women will enjoy equal marriage rights while the Intolerant backers of Chick-fil-A will get type 2 diabetes. If  God is just that is…

You know, this Chick-fil-A thing has a lot of Deja vu in it. In the 1950’s and 60’s the same Southern Christians said the same things about Interracial Marriage. Throughout the South they celebrated their Christian racism, bigotry and intolerance in much the same way. Well with the added joy of water hoses and attack dogs anyway.

This issue is really about something we call POLITICAL CORRECTNESS which has been the single biggest boon to the Republican Party in a Century. The premise being that calling attention to bigotry, racism, sexism and intolerance is more intolerant that the intolerance itself. And they have been able to get away with that semantic silliness for a generation.

In defense of the Mayors, they too have a RIGHT to free speech. They have passed no laws, so just like the intolerant bigots standing in long lines to celebrate their bigotry and the demonstrators against the bigotry, Mayors cans speak their mind too.

This is not about free speech because that goes around and around and lands no where. This is mostly about the parents wanting to instill religious intolerance and bigotry in their children.
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