Jon Stewart faces off with Potty Mouth Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart faces off with Potty Mouth Stephen Colbert“Do you miss this Jon? You used to talk about this bullsht, now you shovel it.”

The serious part does not come until the end of this video where Jon Stewart wonders why comedians are held to higher standards of politeness, respect and language than the President of the United States?  Here! Hear!

They talk of the confusion of the audience in their CHEERS when Colbert said Comey was fired. Why was that? Well because a week before the election Comey got on national TV and said Hillary Clinton’s emails had gone into the hands of a sexual deviant friend of hers Anthony Weiner. I do not question that caused at least 82,000 Hillary leaning voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin to sit it out. AT LEAST.

The audience was cheering that old cliche WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

This audience confusion is indicative of general human confusion running rampant throughout most things.

Take the Potty Mouth thing. I have known not a few people who refuse to watch Bill Maher, and actually hate him because he uses the FWORD on HBO.  Even though he uses it only when a joke or anger requires it.  While at the same time the same people tell me how much they love Jon Stewart who on basic cable used the FWORD all the time for 12 years repeatedly, but it was BEEPED OUT so that somehow doesn’t count.

This disconnect in cognitive thinking is how we got Generalissimo Donaldo Trumpas in the first place. It’s universal. The scourge of humanity for 60,000 years. We will believe only what we wish to believe.