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Jon Stewart: Fox News Mountian of Bulls**t,

fox news bulls**t mountianOMG!  47% of the Americans believe children are entitled to FOOD. Old people are entitled to MEDICINE, and poor people entitled to ROOFS! OMG! And the story here is not Mitt Romney, or George W Bush, or Ronald Reagan, it is the Republican Party who accept what Romney said in the video as the truth of the matter. All poor Mitt did was get caught by liberal activists.  Fox News and Talk Radio are now cheering Mitt Romney for finally telling the truth.

Will this yet another Romeny brainfart have any lasting meaning?  I doubt it, it’s what Republicans have been saying since 1933. Let them eat cake. The few he lost will be made be compensated by more of the once doubtful Republican Base getting out the vote. To celebrate keeping food from children, medicine from the elderly and a warm place to take a crap.  This is not WHO WE ARE, it is WHO WE HAVE BECOME.  Mostly because of the bigotry, racism and religious intolerance driven by the GOP. Remember, the GOP sees that entire group of 47% of Americans as NOT WHITE. And the word ENTITLEMENT  and REDISTRIBUTION now mean not only Marxism, communism and socialism, it also means THE NWORDS ARE COMING FOR  YOUR STUFF.

Jon Stewart gets to the gist of all a few days after I did. All the Republicans are doing is crying unfair video and bad politics. Some, like Morning Joe, even admit they should keep the truth of  all this secret on the campaign trail, suck up to the 47% who are moochers, parasites and offally bad people. Lie to them in public.

This is more of a Country Club Republican ideology than Tea Party ideology.  It’s sometimes hard to decide which is the best for America, the country club Republicans looking down their noses at the human offal below them or the bigotry, racism, intolerance and NRA madness of the Tea Party Republicans? It’s a tough call.

But as Lady Gaga has said so well, both groups were… Born that way.

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