Jon Stewart, Gun Enthusiasts need Assault rifles because the Government is too powerful and ineffective

“not the conduct one would expect of a secretary of defense.”I have been gently warning yall about Texas Tea Party Ted Cruz coming to the US Senate to see if he can out clown Rand Paul who presently holds the nutjob position. His first two days in front of the cameras had him using charts and assault rifle pieces to make the NRA concocted point that assault rifles cannot be defined. Doing so to advocate and promote assault rifles and extended magazines – 30 round for handguns and 100 round drums for assault rifles. And not to forget the 12 round drum of 12 gauge buckshot from the Streetsweeper.

The next day Texas Tea Party Ted from the Foreign Relations committee is using videos of a call-in show 4 years ago to tell Senator Hagel that his “conduct is not what one would expect of a secretary of defense.” Tea Party Ted has been a Senator for not yet a month.

Watch this guy, he is on the rise. His first public outing before these last two was to say he is against the new plan immigration reform. Tea Party Ted is about as far removed from Hispanic society, Latino culture and Mexican history as Yon Yonson from Wisconsin. He was born in Canada of a Italian/Irish Mother and a Cuban father. They came to Texas where he was educated in private Evangelical schools. He got his law degree from Harvard and has been a successful advocate for rounding up 11 million Mexicans to deport, argued legal cases for Heller and the NRA, has fought against any outside influence in questioning Texas executions, and a constant legal barrage to break down the wall of separation of Church and State by forcing religion into schools, courthouses and public places.  Think of him as the Ken Cuccinelli of Texas. Exactly what a few in the GOP are now saying will be the death of their party.