Jon Stewart is a socialist! Along with Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin


It is not just Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that are socialism, but also roads, highways, stop signs, boat ramps, all forms of insurance, public schools, street lights, levies, the military, FDA, FCC, OSHA and an endless string of acronyms.

Here in Dumbutt we have recently suffered the most grievous form of socialism, a roundabout was opened just a few blocks from here! A circle where socialists with their socialist little cars drive in a circle round and round in an inescapable socialist spin.  Already there have been accidents as this is the only roundabout South of Ohio. And I even wonder if Ohio has one?

Australia has just been named the happiest nation on Earth. And not only does that socialist land of crap have roundabouts, they have walkabouts! Oh the horror. All across socialist Europe, socialist Central America and socialist South America there are roundabouts signaling the demise of human civilization.

To save civilization we must but an end to all socialism and happiness! We must force the rest of the world follow our lead going straight ahead with a gun, a cheeseburger and Jesus as our executioner!

jon stewart socialist