Jon Stewart: Karl Rove spent $300 million and lost, Fox News Election predictions 100% wrong!

turd blossom karl rove loserSo, where to you want to get your information?  From a news channel that was 100% wrong and makes decisions upon gut feelings, lies and propaganda instead of “scientific goobleygoop”? Or any place else at all?  Americans have spoken! Fox News is the top cable news channel in America and will be so for the forseeable future.

So, who would you want to hire to run your election campaign?  Karl Rove, better known as Turd Blossom by George W Bush,  who just spent $300 million dollars to lose a winnable election and refuses to even concede the math on election night? Or David Axelrod?

Have to give some credit to Megyn Kelly for her sexy walk downstairs to put Karl Rove in his place as the foremost campaign clown in this election.