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Jon Stewart: Macho Putin & Mom Pants Dictator Obama

“You can have it both ways.” Preamble to the Republican Party Platform document. Which comes right after “Hypocrisy does not matter.”

putin and obama in mom pantsMOM PANTS!  The GOP sure beats the Hell out of Democrats with their weekly soundbite. They are so well interconnected that MOM PANTS has come into our lives literally millions of times in just a few days from the Fox News, Talk Radio and the Internet. Which means the Mainstream has to pick it up or be defined as liberal and lose share.

The American Dictator President Obama, who has usurped the Constitution as no other president – well other than Ronald Reagan who did more executive orders and appointed more “czars.” ¬†Obama, a wanton dictator who wears MOM PANTS.

Trained as an Officer and a Gentleman by the US Army I was taught to make decisions quickly and then act. No wussyfooting around. But that was for when bullets were flying over my head, not when sitting in an office running a country.

The bottom line here from the GOP is that smart people who take time to gather information and think things out are the problem. After all, no one likes a smartypants, especially multicultural ones. Being smart does not get Republican votes. What gets Republican votes are JESUS, WHITE and GUNS.

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