Jon Stewart: Peeing on that Taco Bell Nachos BellGrande

I don’t even know where to begin on this one.

Well it seems Mr Jankowski didn’t really pee on the Nachos or was such a thing served to anyone. But he lost his job anyway. OH THE HUMANITY. Lost his job filling tacos at Taco Bell. What will all this bode for me Jankowski?  Up or Down?  Maybe with that picture of himself he can become a brand for the cover of a humor magazine.  What me pee?

But the next guy takes the cake.  We often wonder about what drives all the bigotry, intolerance and racism here in America… Well there you have it. So bigoted, so intolerant, so hate filled and so mud dumb stupid that he cannot even contain himself from starting himself on fire.  Here in the Untied States of Duh.

Peeing on Nachos BellGrande

  • db

    Don’t know where you’re going with this one Lt.

    Jankowski posted to (Facebook?) a picture that could be (was intended to be?) interpreted as someone urinating on the product sold at his workplace. They discipline him. (Stewart says suspend, you say fire, doesn’t matter) What’s your point.

    Haven’t seen Ms. ‘Cat around for a bit. One hopes that she & Mr. ‘Cat are getting a well-earned vacation.

    • rackjite

      Newscat is on vacation, should be back Monday.
      My point was who cares if he lost his job at Taco Bell. That’s as low as it goes… Badge of honor. The fun of it all is the picture he put up of himself.
      He should go get a job at Chick-fil-A and crap on some waffle fries. Do some good.