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Jon Stewart, Republican Base NO WAY on Immigration reform

The Tea Party is just a new name for the Republican Base. The only difference is that the Tea Party hides behind the blather that it is all debt and deficit rather than the bottom line, God is a white guy who speaks American English, only.

american border storyThe bullcrap mountain excuse for Republican’s refusing to deal with immigration reform is that President Obama can no longer be trusted to enforce the laws of the nation because he has not yet signed as many executive orders as Ronald Reagan. That makes sense! Especially when Ronald Reagan declared amnesty for 4 million Mexicans and gave them Green Cards. Even George W. Bush enacted more executive orders than President Obama. But when was the last time you heard any Republican say anything nice about George W?

The truth of the matter is that the Republican BASE don’t like Mexicans. Papers or no papers. Picking fruit or picking their noses it doesn’t matter. The Republican Base don’t like gays either, or African Americans, or foreigners, or non Christians, or most anyone with a funny sounding name or a different hue.

The answer to this dilemma seems obvious. Follow Rand Paul and his Daddy and get rid of Medicare and Social Security, making sure that Plavix, Hyzaar and Lipitor are beyond the reach of everyone over 65 and let’s get this show on the road.

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