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Jon Stewart: Republican RNC chairman Reince Priebus is an angry drunk guy

Reince Priebus! I admit I had to cut and paste that each time or misspell it. And other than the NRA Gunloons, speelin airs get me the most email. In fact the best traffic this website even enjoyed was last Spring when I used the title “Weiners Wiener.” It  played on the universal spelling problem with that i and e issue. We falsely thought we were on the road to vast riches but it was only misspellers, who all go to Hell by the way. I am told that the New York Times has at least one misspelling per page. I can assure you that each and everyone is brought to the NYTs attention, in email, snailmail, Twitter, Facebook and phone calls hundreds of times. Consumed by guns and spelling!

Reince Priebus is even harder to say as to spell.  And to listen to.  Or to take seriously.

Reince Priebus drunk

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