Jon Stewart: Rush Limbaugh calls Obama administration a LAWLESS DICTATOR SHIP!


It’s not so much that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News push their deceitful, dishonest propaganda as news, it’s that the rest of the media let’s them get away with it out of fear. Either of losing advertising share to Fox, or being labeled LIBERAL MEDIA. And even worse, Fox News is watched by more people than all the other cable news networks put together. Rush Limbaugh is on the radio on 600 stations. His listeners and Fox News viewers accept it all as fair and balanced and true.

What real purpose does Fox and Talk Radio serve through YOUR AIR?  They make bigots, racists and morons feel good about themselves. Sure , to the rest of us it’s much like a Jerry Springer Show, all those morons in our face makes us feel like geniuses in comparison. No longer to you have to relocate down below the Mason Dixon line to have the Smart Curve turn you into a Mensa member! Just tune in Rush or Fox and there you are at the top of the intellectual heap.

Rush Limbaugh Pig of EIB