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Jon Stewart: Todd Tiahrt owned by NRA, Obama overrides Tiahrt Amendments

NRA tiahrt Amendments

It seems many of the executive orders signed into law by President Obama were to overturn the Tiahrt Amendments, which Tiahrt admits were written for him by the NRA.

This is Deja View all over again with the 1994 Gingrich Revolution when the Far Right took the House. In the response to Ruby Ridge (family of racist Nazi gun loons) and Waco (family of Christian fundamentalist child molester gun loons) the ATF had it’s balls cut off by the GOP who defended racist Nazis and Christian child molesters, both of whom were selling illegal weapons.

Want me to go on with what happened a year later?  Get ready… It won’t be long… Even if the gun control legislation fails, the executive orders are enough to unleash the nature of this Beast.  168 is the number to beat. 19 were children under six.

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