Jordan Klepper, NEVER is a good time to discuss guns after a mass shooting

Jordan Klepper, a good time to discuss guns after a mass shooting is neverTalking about guns after a mass shooting politicizes it so we have to wait a few weeks until everyone calms down which is now how long it takes for the next one. Who are they who do this crap?  About 99% of them are White male Gun Enthusiasts who also happen to be losers unlucky in love.  Oh and use 20 to 40 round magazines.

The United States 2nd Amendment Revision Act of 2017:

No weapon or accessory shall be produced, imported, sold or possessed in the United States of America that can fire more than seven shots without reloading.

Section 1:  One in the chamber cannot be effectively codified which means all clips and magazines shall be limited to six bullets.
Section 2:  The federal government shall subsidize all point of sale businesses to spot weld or replace existing magazines to a six bullet limit.
Section 3:  All guns sellers who sell magazines that hold more than six bullets shall lose their license immediately and all gun owners found with such magazines shall immediately have all their guns taken away.
Section 4:  Applies to all enforcement officers other than the Military and SWAT units.