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Jordan Klepper: Why Trump’s Peeps Love His Lies, the Bigger the Better

Jordan Klepper and Tim Baltz discuss Trump’s lies, and the reason his supporters love lies, lies and more lies from their president. The more outrageous, transparent and nonsensical the lie, the better. Does a lie contradict what Trump said yesterday? No problem. What is the mindset of Trump’s people that compels them to defend his most ridiculous lies?  Here are just a couple of things Jordan and Tim have picked up that may explain Trump Tolerance :

“We don’t care if he’s telling the truth as long as his lies are punishing our worst enemies –  Americans we disagree with!”
Trump supporters claim “He tells it like it is.” What they mean is “He tells us what we want to hear.”

Just F**king Lie – Easy, Fun and Presidential – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper– video