Just Headlines and a bit, Rack Jite

Rack Jite Headlines, Donald the Victim, March 26 2017

Charlie Sykes: The Right Is Now Less About Ideas and More About Making ‘Liberals’ Heads Explode’

Gosh Charlie, you are about 30 years late on that one. Rush Limbaugh got syndication in 1988. And YOU followed in his footsteps. It has gotten so out of hand of late, with you and yours not talking about this for 30 years as it grew and grew, to become the main reason we have a mentally ill buffoon as President of the United States. A generation late and billion dollars short.

Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up

Looks like Sean Spicer might be moving to Fox News with Preibus and Bannon also on the chopping block. Sadly SNL and Melissa McCarthy did such a job on Spicer that he is ruined as Press Secretary. Can’t even look at him anymore without laughing for seeing him on a moving podium or in the bushes. Sadly SNL succeeded in ruining the wrong guy.

Please Watch How Many Times Trump Teased Jerry Falwell Jr. During …

The answer is 70 times. The President made a commencement speech at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University yesterday talking mostly about football. Liberty University a good choice for The Donald as it is the only college in the world where Trump could go without it becoming disrupted. Which I am sure will become an even larger problem as The Donald goes around the world next week. Should be an embarrassing time for one and all.