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Justice Kennedy retires, all bad but one thing

First of all, fk Justice Kennedy, knowing full well what would happen with another Trump appointee on the court he could have waited until the last week in September. And besides he voted conservative on about 90% of decisions.

We know what kind of person Trump is going to nominate, possibly even Jeanine Pirro of Fox News, Rudy Giuliani or you bet another evangelical Christian.  But no matter the who it, it will be the end of abortion rights, LBGT rights, reversal of gay marriage, more executions, more racism, more religion in government, more money in politics, less health care, environmental regression, reigning in liberal states and cities to reflect Trumpism and a lot more guns. Handmaids’s Tale come to reality.

But on the good side there is no better incentive for Democrats to get out the vote to not only flip the House but they now MUST flip the Senate. And THEN talk impeachment. And follow through no matter the 2/3 Senate rule.
But yes, I do understand that half a dozen Democrats will vote for whoever Trump nominates to stay in office in red states. I am an optimist, my glass is full to overflowying.

This goes beyond standing up to Trump’s DT13 gang in restaurants, this is take to the streets and scream and yell and act out. For more reason than I and so many others did in the late Sixties. Let the water cannons, the tear gas, the dogs and the storm troopers come. Not revolution but upheaval.

Here’s Who Wins and Gets Screwed Now That Justice Kennedy is Retiring -article