Kamau Bell Totally Biased: ‘What Hasn’t Obama Changed’ Mitt Romney Ad Spoof

' Totally Biased' W Kamau Bell: Hope and Change, What Hasn't Changed in 4 years, Romney ad parody

Using the format of a popular Mitt Romney ad, we’re prompted to complain bitterly about the things that have not changed for the better in Obama’s four years of ‘Hope and Change.’ Everyone has a different idea about what should have happened as a result of Obama’s election promises. Malcontents with ‘First World Problems’ may complain bitterly about the price of gas, the cost of Ben & Jerry’s or the fact that ‘horseplay’ is still illegal in their state.  If you’re hoping for a change, and believe that Romney will be more obliging to the varied needs of the Freaky Forty Seven – snap out of it people!