Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator Luther Rejoices Over Romney’s 47%

comedians Key & Peele: Obama's anger translator Luther on Romney's leaked 47% speech
Luther is so often aggravated that it’s nice to see him excited about the leaked Romney footage. While President Obama takes a more moderate view, Luther interprets the President on every topic Romney hit upon that fateful day…And even Luther cannot disagree with Willard all of the time!

Luther’s empathy (or is the word enmity) for Romney’s bad luck at not being born Latino is heartfelt. Luther agrees that fairness in the tax code is a necessity, and that shirkers should pay their fair share…Was Mitt able keep a straight face on that one – or is he so dumb that the obvious could have eluded him?  Luther even has advice for Mitt on the unrest in the Middle East. Get your notepads ready!