Key & Peele: Office Homophobe Victimizes Gay Co-Worker

Key & Peele: Office Homophobe  Victimizes Gay Co-Worker...Maybe?

Key and Peele explore victimization and homophobia in this sketch where a proudly gay man gets offended when a co-worker raises some complaints about his behavior around the office. Immediately he assumes the complaints stem from homophobia, and that he’s being singled out and victimized as a gay man. He comes to learn this is definitely not the case.
He’s wrong, just as the bucket full of fried right wings and assh***s who have taken the Duck Dynasty event as a cause are wrong.  A & E isn’t stomping on Robertson’s   constitutional right to free speech, nor is anyone attacking ‘their’ belief system. Oh, and – Sarah is old enough to know this, there’s no ‘war on Christmas.’

Obviously,  if you’re looking for victimization, you will find it – or claim to have found it, in the same way that when you’re itching to shoot a gun at someone you’ll find plenty of reason to do so. Painter and bon vivant George Zimmerman  demonstrated this point so well in 2013. Let’s hope 2014 brings less shooting and more trashy paintings on ebay from this American victim.  Allegedly, his painted-over clip art topped $100,000 on Monday. If some idiot really bid this much, George would be an even bigger fool than the bidder if he didn’t go into full time production of his patriotic shlock, and skip target practice.