Korean Missile Crisis Proof of Trump’s Reckless Regard for National Security – Keith Olbermann

 Korean Missile Crisis Proof of Trump's Reckless Regard for National Security - Keith Olbermann

Donald Trump’s careless disregard for security, as seen during the Korean Missile Crisis at Mar-a-Lago would be comical – if it weren’t so terrifying. It was a great night for members and guests at Trump’s  Mar-a-Lago. No one expected dinner – and a show of historical importance, plus –  souvenir selfies to post on Facebook!

.Isn’t Trump that unpleasant, beet-faced guy who carped endlessly about how Hillary put our country in mortal danger with her ‘careless’ email?  Yes he is. That’s why he sent out a message “to Russia, if you’re listening” to hack Clinton’s account..  So..We know Trump is bully on security.

Onlooker Richard DeAgazio posted : “HOLY MOLY !!! It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan,”  DeAgazio also posted a photo of himself posing with a man whom he said carries the “nuclear football” for the president, but  was asked to delete the post, as were others who shared in the historic, ‘fun’ night at Mar-a-Lago.